Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Illustrated Playlist Track #1

The beginning of a new project to keep me actively illustrating. I wanted to complete 2-3 self directed illustrations a week whether they be a scribble or a more completed piece, and it makes sense if they all have a connection of some sort. This month saw the return of my ipod after a two year hiatus so I've decided to create an illustrated playlist. First up is Neko Case - Margaret vs Pauline.

Oh Comely

Exciting news! I've just joined the team of the beautiful Oh Comely magazine as an Illustration Assistant! I'll be helping out with Illustration for the magazine - ideas on features and commissioning illustrators and am INCREDIBLY excited about getting stuck in. If you haven't seen the magazine yet I thoroughly recommend picking up a copy, there's nothing like it on the shelves at the moment and it's a treat for those who appreciate illustration and photography.

Blog Fail

Hello! I've been on an extended sabbatical from blogging since Christmas it would seem - bad blogger. It's been a busy start to 2011, I have aged 20 years in three weeks. Today marks the beginning of my new years resolution to focus on my own work a little more each week, I have started a new self directed project which I hope to post about today fingers crossed! First up here is an illustration recently completed for Supersweet who have pimped it up GIF style, it's for Valentine's (or national 'woe is me') Day.