Friday, September 23, 2011

Illustrated Lady

A step by Step guide to self-tattooing

1: The vital element to using this method is procrastination, so ensure you begin with a headache-inducing to do list.

2: Take one clean(ish) arm and an ink pen of your choosing

3: Go wild

4: Spend the next three days trying to scrub off said tattoo....probably

Friday, September 16, 2011


Last week was spent in Cambridge illustrating in their branch of Zizzi. I created a mural based on four aspects of Cambridge University life; Science, Literature, Sport and Academia and some elements of flora from Parker's Piece which the restaurant overlooks. I was also asked to apply some handpainted Latin quotes to the Pizza Oven (hot stuff. literally, I melted) and illustrate the chef's tables at the front of the restaurant. The theme came together really beautifully and there are some great little nods to the University throughout the restaurant. Despite some pretty horrific Norman Bates stylee accommodation Cambridge itself wasn't bad looking either!

Blackboard Jungle

A few weeks back I travelled to High Wycombe (first time out of London in the two years I've lived here-the utter shame/laziness.) to go illustrate on some tables for the Cambridge branch of Zizzi. The whole restaurant is themed around the University and I was asked to apply some math and science formulae to these black tables to give a blackboard effect. I'm notoriously crap at maths so most of these are an amalgamation of symbols and diagrams which looked interesting. Hope I haven't offended any mathematicians in the name of aesthetics.