Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh Comely Issue 11

 Issue 11 is out now! I'm incredibly happy with how the illustration turned out in this issue and just flicking through the pages puts you in a Summery mood. Here's a quick round-up!

I interviewed the talented Leah Goren about her work and practice, we were particularly enamoured with her beautiful printed scarves.

This Issue our illustration feature was based on fictional maps with each illustrator taking a vastly different approach. Charlotte Trounce (pictured above) drew a map of Eden, Marisa Seguin navigated the space underneath her couch, William Grill tackled a map of Western thought and Maggie Li contributed a map featuring romantically inspired street names.

The lovely Naomi Wilkinson supplied us with a cut out an keep paper mermaid for our paper craft feature as well as illustrating a timeline for our History of London piece.

We took a peek inside Yelena Bryksenkova's charming sketchbooks and asked some questions about the contents.

And I illustrated a first person piece by a fellow Irishwoman about chatting to a stranger on the bus journey home!

There's also a great feature on experimental (and free!) tourism, how to make kitsch 1970's desserts and a fascinating interview with Thomas Thwaithes who made a toaster entirely from scratch.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Fashion Story Four

Sooo I watched The Craft last week. This one is based around monochrome but I got a bit carried away with drawing lace so I guess it could be either!

The original is quite big and the painted lace didn't scan all that well as it's very light, but the close up crops give an idea of the detail involved. As for the egg....I have no idea, it was a long week.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


My name is Laura and I have a stationery fetish.